Full line of ATI Balancers starting at
Cams starting at $94.50
Full line of electronic distributors on hand
starting at $229.00 (Ford) and $265.00 (Chevy)
(AMC) available --- Same Day Shipping
Crower crankshafts and rods for all Small
Block and Big Block Chevy starting at
Crankshafts $695.00
Rods $450.00 (Chevy & Ford)
Full line of Comp Cams, Crower,
Isky, Lunati valve components
Parts and Accessories
We have a full line of street
engines from 375hp-600hp, circle
track engines from 575hp-825hp,
and drag race engines from
600hp-1250hp and 1800hp
w/nitrious starting at $5950.00
Click Here For a List of Small Bocks
Click Here for a List Of Big Blocks

or contact us for your custom quote
Full line of Brodix Aluminium
cylinder heads from street heads
to Pro Stock available starting at
$779.00 per pair
Aluminum intake manifolds starting
at $185.00
Full line of World Products iron
engine blocks and Brodix
Aluminium engine blocks available
starting at
Iron $1850.00
Aluminum $4295.00
If you do not see what you are looking for just contact by phone
or e-mail for we have a huge inventory of off-the shelf parts and
custom race parts on hand from the carburetor to  the oil pan, to
the spark plug wires in colors to match your car all at prices that
can't be beat.
ATI Balancers
DUI Distributors
Latest News
Barker power takes 1st and
2nd @ the SUPR Late
Model SPEC race

Barker power set the
Heavy Street record  4.97
@ 142mph
at 3540lbs
We carry a full line of HVH Super Suckers
on the shelf. These spacers show huge
improvements in horsepower and
Many Colors To Choose From